For the past several years, World Subsea Services Pvt Ltd (WOSS) has operated successfully while establishing themselves in the subsea industry of Sri Lanka. WOSS has become the market leader in Sri Lanka, for hull cleaning services within a very short time. This is a testament to our agile transformation. World Subsea was incorporated with the passion for innovation, deeply engrained in our values. We originally started with hull cleaning, propeller polishing and CCTV inspection services. We have now expanded our services to provide underwater repair services as well.

Over the years, we were able to develop scaling dynamic capabilities complimented by a flexible team structure which helped WOSS secure special projects. During last year, World subsea undertook several crucial technically demanding subsea operations in U/w welding required for a fully laden crude carrier (VLCC). WOSSL was also the only company in Sri Lanka to engage in salvage operations of ocean-going vessels. World Subsea assisted the fire stricken VLCC MT New Diamond in September of 2020, the grounded bulk carrier MV Eurosun and more recently, assisting the casualty vessel MV X-press Pearl, have been monumental, groundbreaking projects for our company. Through fostering a culture of stability, speed, and flexibility, we have been able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

With our expansion and growth as the Premier Underwater Service provider in Sri Lanka, World Subsea services has looked to further capitalize and strengthen business acumen to unlock the benefits of digital revolution and demonstrate how more can be achieved through investing in technology and delivering unparalleled client experience. This year we are excited to unveil in Sri Lanka the revolutionary underwater hull cleaning technology – The Hull Wiper ROV. Hull Wiper ROV is a state-of-the-art technology which is being used for underwater cleaning in many renowned ports/locations around the world – Singapore, Townsville Australia, Jebel Ali, Algeciras, Southampton, Gothenburg, Panama, Namibia and so forth.

This remotely operated underwater vehicle is diver-free, cost-effective and can be operated in all areas of the port, both Inside Port (alongside berth) and at anchorage. This will help us target container vessels calling Port of Colombo which are looking to maximize the time spent during cargo operations as Hull cleaning can now be offered alongside berth during cargo operations by way of the Hull Wiper. Its waste filter amasses hull fouling during cleaning without polluting marine environment thereby offering our customers an environmentally friendly solution.

This form of specialized ROV will be the first of its kind in South Asia and will be the corner stone in U/w Hull Cleaning operations in the years ahead as the world moves towards a more environmentally friendly hull cleaning solution by protecting local waters from invasive species which can be harmful to marine life. We as an environmental conscious subsea company, has always endeavored to act in an environmentally sound and safe manner with our operations. Moving in to ROV cleaning is the next step towards a more sustainable future for our industry.

With this new Technology, World Subsea hopes to move from Strength to strength. For further inquiries contact Mr Lalindu Jayawickrama, Chief Executive Officer on +94-77-032-0741.