The McLarens Leadership & Management Development Programme (LMDP) kicked off in December 2017, with a new batch of selected individuals who went through the 9-month development Programme. McLarens partnered with ‘3rd Wave’ as the facilitator and started developing the next tier of Managers (Senior Manager – Assistant Manager) by gearing and supporting them with a tailor-made programme to mold good leaders to great ones.

32 individuals went through a structured learning programme with 4 development centers for the last couple of months including a team building programme at Hotel Topaz, Kandy. The OBT  was focused on areas such as leadership, communication, strategic planning, project management and creative thinking and many more.

The final step of the Programme involved all participants presenting their projects to the Management. All participants were evaluated based on their leadership qualities, their innovative thinking, their ability work in teams, how well they interact and engage with people and their communication skills.