With the world actively taking measures to ensure a sustainable future, it’s no longer about just achieving your company’s bottom line. Today, it’s about the growth of your company, the development of your community and the hope for a sustainable future all transformed into one. McPeak Lanka, a joint venture between Peak Engineering Singapore and the McLarens Group Property arm, McOcean Property Development, entered into an agency agreement with iHandal Energy Solutions on January 6th, 2019 to manage and grow iHandal’s marketing and distribution.

iHandal offers customized engineering solutions that help recycle and repurpose waste heat generated in commercial buildings and industrial processes and turns them into useful energy that can be reused within commercial and industrial purposes such as for heating, cooling or power generation. This eliminates the cost and the need of powering installations through diesel, natural gas, furnace oil, and more and reduces the negative effects burning fossil fuels have on the environment. iHandal is currently active in key industries as, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Mineral Processing to name a few

By identifying and aligning ourselves with the UN Sustainability Goals, the McLarens Group intends to push for the development of our society and the progression of our future generations. Our corporate social responsibility policy is not restricted to what we do as a corporation for the community, but it’s how we can influence others to do the same. With carbon caps and other government legislations playing their role to control the emission of greenhouse gases, this ground-breaking initiative iHandal has introduced can reduce carbon emissions across industries without having to change the way they operate. Through this agreement with iHandal Energy Solutions, McPeak and the McLarens Group aims to drive the importance of a reduced carbon footprint and zero emissions to corporates while highlighting the innovative methods in our own backyard we can use to slow down the deterioration of our environment.