We believe health and well-being is more than just exercise, it’s the view point and the mental attitude one has of themselves. We value the health and well being of our employees and treat it as one of our top priorities, it’s our people who are the base foundation of our company’s success. Highlighting the importance, we place on our mental and physical health, the McLarens Group took home 03 awards at the inaugural Sri Lanka Health and Productivity Awards organized by Chamber Of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE) in collaboration with The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

The Sri Lanka Health and Productivity Awards aims at ensuring all corporate entities have a healthy, happy and committed workforce by evaluating the status of absenteeism, presenteeism and health issues amongst the workforce. When these aspects are addressed, they believe, engagement, retention, productivity and performance will improve drastically across the company. The awards were conducted under four categories, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large depending on the number of employees in each company and final winners were picked through a careful evaluation of all applications by a panel of judges according to certain standards.

Three companies under the McLarens Group applied for the awards, namely McLarens Holdings, GAC Shipping and Interocean Energy. McLarens Holdings was awarded the Merit Award in the Extra-Large category, while Interocean Energy received a Merit Award under the Small Category. GAC Shipping went on to win the Silver Award in the Small Category. As mentioned at the awards, one of the main reasons GAC Shipping received this award was for the attention the company paid on the health and wellbeing of the boat crews aboard the service boats, a wellness initiative which went beyond that of the office premises.

“Having won 03 awards at the first ever Sri Lanka Health and Productivity Awards where over 70 companies applied, I am delighted to know that there is a significant amount of companies who place the same importance we do on the health and wellness of employees. Our employees are the key factor for our company’s success. This is precisely why ensuring they are looked after in all aspects is paramount. I am proud of all three companies for the effort they put in to collectively looking after their staff “, commented Shehara Jayawardana, Group Joint Managing Director.