McLarens Holdings was listed amongst LMD’s Most Respected Entities of 2019. This is the second time the Group has been ranked on this list and it’s an honor to be recognized once again.

This article featured an interview with our Group Chief Commercial Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer , Mr. Mahesh Kurukulasuriya and Mr. Oshan Fernando  who spoke about why McLarens is one of the Most Respected Entities in the country.

“Our family-oriented culture & open-door policy, we aim to move beyond designations and hierarchy levels and foster relationships. We believe that corporate respect is getting to know your colleagues on a personal level, as this ignites trust and respect. When one feels truly valued for their competencies and proficiencies, corporate respect is born.”

“Financial stability is only one aspect that measures corporate success.  A company might be doing well financially, but if other aspects such as employee satisfaction, work environment, communication & teamwork is not maintained, financial success cannot replace employee morale or company culture. McLarens Group is built on 6 core values, two of them being corporate family and personal touch. Both stress on people and their ability to appeal to our client’s humanity, hence why it’s known as a people oriented culture”

“To us, stakeholder perceptions are extremely important. It’s vital our company’s developments, growth and success affect everyone in a positive manner. The continuous dialogue we maintain with our stakeholders keeps us updated on their views and ensure they are always a part of our journey as a corporate. We maintain close relationships with our partners as we represent Fortune 500 companies. How we manage our associations with our international clientele will portray how they perceive our company and our country as a whole.”