LMD published a special issue this year that talks about who’s who of Sri Lanka’s most admired corporations. The McLarens Group was ranked amongst the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka under the Most Innovative Companies category in 2017.

This article featured an interview with our Group Joint Managing Director, Mrs. Shehara Jayawardana who spoke about why McLarens is one of the most innovative companies in the country.

“At the heart of our innovative spirit is the right mix of experienced and young dynamic employees’ wo bring new ideas to the table. Our people have always been offered the freedom to innovate, which facilitates new thinking.”

“Indeed, our work culture drives staff to think differently as we want to be a conglomerate with an innovative spirit. Moreover, our innovations are customer-centric in that we always focus on what the customers want. We are flexible, we think ahead of the market and align ourselves accordingly to fulfill demands of the future”

“We have relied on person to person perceptions and that’s has garnered respect over the years. At the end of the day, it is not what you say about the company on a piece of paper using a large advertising budgets, it is the actions that build perceptions.”

“You can establish procedures and standard guidelines on paper but what is their use if your people don’t follow them. So we invest in training and development. We have invested in modern tools of management while ensuring we don’t lose the human touch.”

Mrs. Shehara Jayawardana, Group Joint Managing Director