Beauty is universal. With the recent crowning of Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World and Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2018, the country was already in the beauty pageant hype. Alice Lee Giannetta, Mrs. World 2018, was the Guest of Honor at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. As a part of her official tour to Sri Lanka, she visited our Nation’s hill Capital, Kandy, where Hotel Topaz, owned and operated by the McLarens Group was chosen as the hospitality partner for Kandy.

Alice Lee Giannetta is a New York based Litigation Attorney who represented Hong Kong for the Mrs. World Pageant held in South Africa in 2017 December, where she was crowned Mrs. World 2018. She was born in Taiwan and immigrated to America at the age of eight years. She spoke of her involvement as a member in the United Nations Women’s Committee drafting public policy during her Q&A portion of the Mrs. World Pageant.

Hotel Topaz had the honor of hosting her during her stay in Kandy. She interacted with the staff of the property by taking part in group photographs, cookery demonstrations & other local activities. She was delighted by the hospitality & service that was extended to her by staff of Hotel Topaz & thoroughly enjoyed her stay. Managing Director Mr. Anura Basnayake, other executives and all staff members shared some lighter moments with Mrs. Giannetta during the 3rd morning, taking her around the Hotels premises.