Pushing for balance in everything we do, on all platforms and forums we live our daily lives in. The McLarens Group celebrated International Women’s Day with the world by endorsing the International theme of “Balance For Better” on the 8th of March. Without one single day, the Group acknowledged, appreciated and recognized women across the Group on “Women Appreciation Week”. The Week stretched from March 4th – March 8th which included an “Appreciate Her” session for the men, Company initiatives for fellow female colleagues and an event for women across the Group to end the week.

When March 8th came along, women across companies were invited to celebrate Women’s day together. The celebrations included an enriching panel discussion with Dhamayanthi Dharsha, Sports Personality, Anusha Gallage, CFO Hatton National Bank and Kshanika Ratnayaka, CEO Great Place to Work Institute, who enlightened us about their challenges they’ve faced as women and how far they’ve come for rising above them all.
The evening ended with refreshments, give away gifts and networking.

With the thought of carrying out a well rounded programme for Women’s Appreciation week, we conducted a session for men across the company in acknowledging the importance of gender balance in the world and the workplace. Mr. Velusamy Weerasingham, a Gender Equality and Conflict Sensitivity Specialist carried out a quite interactive and engaging programme for all our male colleagues.•