Brilliance and formidable intellect is nothing new to employees at GAC Group Sri Lanka. While excelling at work, they manage to stand out and top the masses through academic achievements as well. Anjalika Perera topped the global shipping academic rankings, as one of the two Sri Lankans who won a world prize at the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers (UK) (ICS) academic examinations of 2017/18.

Anjalika Perera won her world prize for the subject “Liner Trades” out of a student base of almost 2000 and will be receiving the Tutorship Pieter Van Gelder Award.  Together with her fellow graduates, Anjalika will be attending the award ceremony at Trinity House, London where she will be recognized for her academic excellence.
At her young age of 27, Anjalika rose to the top at a global level and set the benchmark for aspiring future Sri Lankans to invite resilience and hard work into their lives.

Anjalika is the second candidate in the company to win a world prize at the ICS UK examinations. Richard Rodrigo, currently Manager, Commercial for GAC Marine, won the world prize in 2013 for the subject “Port Agency” and received the Armac Award. Encouraging our employees to seek new challenges and step out of their comfort zones has been the reason more and more of them have enrolled with ICS UK. The industry insights and the vast knowledge they gain from internationally recognized professionals will help them further enrich their careers.

We wish Anjalika success for her future aspirations and hope the standards she set motivates others to work towards reaching their potential as well.